在巴黎美国大学,BG真人游戏对IB课程有一种亲和力. Our flexible liberal arts model and our diverse, adventurous student body mirror the IB experience. 作为一名IB学生, you are well placed to take full advantage of the experiences and opportunities available at BG真人游戏 and in Paris. IB students are among our most active and successful, both inside and outside the classroom. 



BG真人游戏成立以来,IB学生已获得超过65万欧元的奖学金. IB Scholarships will be automatically awarded when we receive your official results; you do not need to have applied for needs-based financial awards. 这些奖学金基于你的官方IB文凭分数如下:

FINAL IB SCORE Scholarship
44 or 45 全额学费奖学金
40 to 43 €20,000 /年(超过全日制学费的60%)
36 to 39 14000欧元/年(超过全日制学费的40%)
32 to 35 €7,000 per year



IB学生在BG真人游戏成绩优异. 作为一名IB学生, you will have already built a strong foundation on which to begin constructing your pathway through our 全球文科核心课程. IB文凭候选人获得32个学期学分的最终IB成绩为30或以上. 这意味着整个学年的学分, 这让你的BG真人游戏教育更加实惠. 如果你的完整文凭成绩是29或更低, 每次HL分数达到4分或以上,你将获得8个学分. 


Fine Print

IB Scholarships are automatic and based on your final diploma score; you do not need to complete a separate application. Official IB results must be submitted to the Admissions Office before the first day of classes of your first semester at BG真人游戏. IB Scholarships cannot be awarded retroactively or adjusted if you do not notify the  Admissions Office of your IB results in time, 或者如果你在晚些时候重新参加部分考试.

如果你符合IB奖学金和另一个BG真人游戏财务奖的资格, 你只会得到更大的奖励. IB奖学金不能与任何其他经济奖学金结合, 虽然你可以申请奖学金通过 BG真人游戏的财务奖励计划 in advance of your official results; you will keep the larger of the two awards.

IB Scholarships are awarded to degree-seeking students only who are registered full time in the Fall and Spring semesters, 每年的总奖学金在两个学期之间平均分配. Visiting students and students participating in our First Year Abroad programs are ineligible. 该奖项可以在学生的最后一个学期按比例授予. 继续每年获得IB奖学金, you must be registered full-time in the Fall and Spring semesters and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. Please note that the IB Scholarship is only reserved for degree-seeking students at BG真人游戏. In addition, students who initially apply to BG真人游戏 as a Gap Year Visitor are not eligible for the scholarship until the next academic year after initially beginning their studies full-time, 即使在此之前,人们的学位寻求地位发生了变化. 

目前的IB奖学金规模适用于2022年秋季学期. Please note that current BG真人游戏 students who have already received an IB Scholarship prior to Fall 2022 will not have their awards adjusted to the new scale.