# OneMoreScholar

这# GivingTuesday, 11月27日, 2018, we’re celebrating members of the BG真人游戏 社区 who give back – and the impact of their philanthropy on current and future generations of Global Explorers. BG真人游戏也会突出那些从他们的慷慨中受益的优秀学生, 以及这些学生为BG真人游戏社区做出的贡献.   

今天BG真人游戏要介绍的是三位获得斯洛斯伯格旅行补助的人, which was established for graduate students at BG真人游戏 to foster high-level graduate research and activism in the field of social justice.

通过提供 玛格丽特·加达·斯洛斯伯格慈善基金会 由校友Karen Slosberg MA’13, 该项目旨在推进国外研究,同时纳入实际的人道主义成分. 自2011年创立以来, 许多硕士生进行了以社会正义为重点的实地和学术研究, 人权, 人道主义救济和国际发展.


Faith Toran,印度,2017

Faith’s MA thesis focused on a contemporary reappraisal of the participatory turn in development practices. 特别是, her thesis used the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method popularized in the ‘90s and her field research undertaken in Tamil Nadu, 印度有一个废物管理教育计划, 认识塑胶教育计划, 围绕“社会正义环境教育的参与式方法”而设计.Faith还与WasteLess 印度合作, 这是一家教育研究机构,总部位于奥罗维尔,专注于可持续废物管理, which is using ‘participatory’ approaches that help to change the harmful habits that affect the way we make, 处理和考虑废物. 在WasteLess工作期间,Faith担任了6个月的教育和传播协调员. In efforts to address the challenges of the participatory paradigm of development (generally highly theoretically supported, 但缺乏实践理论支撑), Faith让WasteLess团队进行了更广泛的“参与式”交流, conducting a PRA session yielding a model of participatory communication that proved to be an enjoyable and creative method for the students to generate their own knowledge about waste. It also served as practical data for the participatory paradigm and aligned with the WasteLess aim of targeting the future generation with fun and engaging educational activities concerning waste management, 在孩子的生命早期带来行为上的改变并灌输积极的习惯.

改进发展实践和理论, 信仰倡导发展的“另一种沟通”, 并建议为了体验发展,必须进行良好的交流. 基于她的实地调研经验和对PRA的推动, Faith believes PRA may be used as a prerequisite to gather baseline information on worldviews and knowledge in a development context in order to facilitate a process that is local in context, 同时赋予权力和真正的参与性.

Viviana Alvarado Pacheco,伯利兹,2017年

Viviana’s MA thesis focuses on the application of international refugee law on the climate migrants in the Caribbean, 尤其是那些完全独立于母国的小岛国. She had the opportunity to collaborate with the Caribbean 社区 Climate Change Center (CCCCC) in Belize, 是一个协调加勒比海地区应对气候变化的非政府组织, 致力于有效的解决方案和项目以稳定局势, 并最终逆转, 气候变化和全球变暖对环境的影响. 维维安娜利用了她的实地调查, 特别是圣佩德罗和猴子河, 作为气候变化对小岛屿国家可能影响的代表. This research ties directly into the second chapter of her thesis which compares available data on preventative and migration policy action in small island states without any colonial mother country. 

Elyse Elder,南非和赞比亚,2016年

艾丽丝的硕士论文关注的是通过社区学习消除贫困. 她的实际研究是在生命线能源公司实习期间进行的, 一个在开普敦的非政府组织, 南非为数百万人提供教育, 特别是在农业社区, 通过太阳能和发条收音机和MP3播放器播放广播节目. Her project work brought her to rural Zambia where she acted as project coordinator and liaison between Lifeline and its on-the-ground partner, 社区保育街市(COMACO). This allowed her to observe and efficiently introduce new ideas into risk-averse and largely uneducated rural populations. “什么是清楚的,”她报告, 是在这些农业社区中,公共教育方法的重要性. 听广播和MP3的小组让他们感到舒服,增加自信. Cooperative members became sensitized to the COMACO model through Farm Talk radio even before they joined. 一旦一个成员, 持续的行动, 比如我帮助制定的项目, 引导他们完成过渡过程现在每个农民都是保护农业的专家.”

这个#捐赠周二加入BG真人游戏来支持# OneMoreScholar

每年, 来自世界各地不同文化和社会背景的学生选择在BG真人游戏学习. This is the cornerstone of our vibrant community and it depends on ensuring that financial realities do not define your decision to receive a world-class education. 在2018年,BG真人游戏希望彰显奖学金在实现这一目标方面的重要性.

BG真人游戏希望你能加入BG真人游戏校友, 父母, friends and students around the world this Giving Tuesday in demonstrating your support with a contribution and by helping us spread the word about how you can support # OneMoreScholar. BG真人游戏的目标是筹集4187欧元, 2017-18学年平均一笔奖学金, 这一数额可以产生影响,并帮助即将入学的学生实现他们参加BG真人游戏的梦想.