巴黎是一个安全的城市. 它也是一个繁华的城市中心. 就像在其他大城市一样, 你应该特别注意你周围的环境,并准备好在意外发生时获得正确的资源. You’ll find a few tips and key emergency support numbers on this page. 接触的 studentdevelopmentatcandela-home.com (学生开发帮助台) if you have any concerns or questions about safety in 巴黎.


cid: image001.png@01D49304.82年fc1da0​​国际SOS (ISOS): All BG真人游戏 students are enrolled in 国际SOS (ISOS), a 24/7 emergency assistance provider available wherever you may be in the world. Their worldwide helpdesks assist with urgent medical issues, 安全和后勤问题, medical advice as well as other non-emergency concerns about health, 旅行和更多. 您可以通过电话、在线或使用 ISOS的应用 (可在您的手机应用程序商店). 在ISOS上查看ISOS辅助应用 网站

Please download the ISOS的应用 and have their number readily available. 你永远不知道什么时候你可能需要他们的支持.




  • 只带你需要的东西,外出时不要带多余的信用卡或现金. Make a photocopy of your passport/visa instead of carrying it with you.
  • 在地铁上注意你的随身物品. 把袋子夹在胳膊下,或者把带子穿在身上,把手放在拉链上. Do not leave wallets, phones, or money in your back pocket. Keep a careful eye on your belongings in crowed stations or trains.
  • 不要放手机, ipad, 或者坐在café的时候把钱包放在桌子上, 特别是如果你在室外. Keep your personal items inside a closed bag and keep it close to you. 请注意,iphone是最常见的被盗物品,通常是从餐厅或café的桌子上被偷的!

还要确保 看看这些建议 from the US Embassy to avoid being pickpocketed in 巴黎.

  • 保持与朋友. 走在大城市里,和朋友在一起总比独自一人好.
  • 打车回家. Don’t be afraid to pay the money for a taxi to get you home. Tuck away an extra a few extra Euros and make sure you don't spend them on your night out! G7 taxis are required to take cards, even if they are sometimes reluctant. 你可以随意和出租车司机交谈,但不要透露任何个人信息. 打电话给朋友,让他们知道你在哪里,回家后通知他们,这是一个好主意. Make sure when you step into a taxi that the "TAXI 巴黎IEN" sign is on the roof. There are fake taxis that roam around nightclubs and bars at night. There are phone numbers for taxis on the back of your BG真人游戏 student ID card. 把这些号码保存在你的手机里! 优步是另一个受欢迎的出行选择,尤其是在晚上和清晨.
  • 注意你周围的环境. 穿过城市时不要害怕, 但和任何大都市一样,最好呆在灯光明亮的地方(塞纳河沿岸彻夜灯火通明). Cross the street to avoid anyone you feel can be a possible threat. 采取常规预防措施, 避开空旷的街道,选择繁忙的街道, 即使这会让你走得更长一点.
  • 过马路时要小心. 即使过马路的绿灯已经亮了,仍然要检查马路上是否有车辆驶过. 巴黎ian drivers are renowned for driving fast and not respecting traffic laws. Plus, buses and taxis run in opposite direction on some streets.
  • 巴黎是一个大城市,它的文化可能与你在家里习惯的文化非常不同. For Americans, it’s common to smile or say hello to a passerby on the street. 在巴黎,情况并非如此.
  • 请注意,一个简单的眼神或接受一杯酒通常意味着接受了不止是交谈的邀请.
  • If someone approaches you, remember to be firm but polite. 粗鲁无礼往往会带来麻烦.
  • 如果有人在口头上或身体上骚扰你,不要害怕在你的演讲中强势. 即使你不会说法语, 你可以通过说“不”或用任何你觉得舒服的语言来表达你的观点.
  • 向警方报案. 不报警吗. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking French, ask someone who does to come with you. The US Embassy also offers recommendations for you if any personal items are lost. 学生发展帮助台可以帮助解决这个问题以及本节列出的all其他问题.

  • 取消all信用卡. 联系 your local bank and tell them you lost your card. 电话号码可以在他们的网站上找到 BG真人游戏学生发展银行信息.

  • 给电话公司打电话. You have a maximum of 48 hours to inform your phone company (Bouygues, SFR, 橙色…)以防失窃或遗失. 如果你在这段时间内不打电话给他们, the insurance will not repay you if any credit has been used by the thief. 电话:布伊格1064,SFR 1023,橘子3970.

  • 寻求帮助. 抢劫或骚扰可能是惨痛的经历. If you need to talk with someone, do not hesitate to ask. 如果你不确定在你的特殊情况下该怎么做,学生发展可以帮助你. You can also leave a message on the BG真人游戏 switchboard 24/7 (dial 600).

  • Whether you’re a survivor or someone seeking information, 这篇快速指南将告诉你在性侵犯事件发生后应该立即做什么, 哪里可以找到支持, and other information such as how to file a formal complaint. 本网页提供一份有关美国儿科学会性及道德不端行为的规则及程序的全面指引, 请继续阅读以下内容.

性行为指南 [PDF]

如果你有任何问题或顾虑, 或者想讨论这件事, please come see our trained counselors in the 指导咨询 Office (http://librarysystem.candela-home.com/student-life/support/health-wellness/guidance-counseling)








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