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Wanja Laiboni ’07 left a successful career in international development to found a sustainable luxury fashion brand that is 100% African. 她解释了, 利用非洲丰富的文化遗产和原材料, 她建立了一个全球品牌.

Questions without satisfactory answers will sometimes precede our most daring endeavors as we search for convincing answers. 我对南半球和人文学科的长期兴趣使我进入了国际发展领域. 将近十年了, 我越来越想知道我的工作是否有助于实现可持续的解决方案. 现有的制度是否给予全球南方真正的主权,并培育一个平等交换的环境? 援助是实现可持续发展的最佳途径吗?

在思考这些问题的时候, 我在非洲到处旅行, 在此期间,我目睹了非洲大陆丰富的文化资产和宝贵的原材料. Additional questions took root: why had Africa not fully tapped the enormous economic potential of its cultural riches and raw materials to create global brands purveying high-value cultural goods made with Africa sourced materials? This was especially curious considering Africa’s critical role in the raw material supply chains of global manufacturing.

最终, 我个人的结论是, 人道主义援助在战争和自然灾害时期至关重要, 创造公平的企业,同时产生社会效益, 环境和文化成果是全球南方实现可持续经济发展的最快途径. 在我寻找答案的过程中, 我从一名国际发展和人道主义援助专业人员成为SIWWAA的创始人, 这家奢侈品时尚公司的使命是利用非洲文化遗产和原材料的真正价值.

2015年安永 & Young-UNESCOBG真人游戏世界创意和文化产业的联合报告,产生了2美元.那一年有25万亿, ranked Africa as the continent with the least economic contribution to these industries – despite possessing rich cultural assets that consistently inspire creative projects around the world. The factors curtailing the continent’s ability to create economically viable creative and cultural industries are multifaceted and complex. 其中包括缺乏必要的企业和政府结构来增加价值, 分配和保护行业的知识产权. A widespread perception of cultural heritage as economically inconsequential – despite creative and cultural industries making up 3% of global GDP – reduced the likelihood of investment from African governments and financial institutions. 此外, 非洲的文化产品缺乏恰当的品牌和叙事来传达其真正的价值.

这些挑战虽然巨大,但也代表着巨大的机遇. SIWWAA’s solution was to combine heritage with boundary-pushing design and first-rate craftsmanship to create high value products with quantifiable impact created throughout the value chain. BG真人游戏采用了三重底线的方法——最大化社会经济效益, cultural and environmental gains – while working towards a long-term production model that used 100% Africa-based production and Africa-sourced raw materials. BG真人游戏希望原材料供应链是完全透明和可追溯的, 无论是来源还是影响.

朝着这个目标努力需要严格的准备, 致力于研究, the drive to push creative boundaries and an emphasis on production excellence – achieved by working with the best partners. BG真人游戏的事业没有非洲蓝图, BG真人游戏向设计产业成熟的国家学习. 我在米兰与顶尖的设计师和实业家一起学习, 意大利, gaining mastery of product design and development and expertise in the business models and value chains of heritage-based design enterprises. 另外, BG真人游戏开始了一项全肯尼亚的研究项目, 制作肯尼亚, 掌握肯尼亚手工艺中使用的材料和技术. The project became a knowledge resource and visual archive of these practices and is expanding in scope to connect Kenyan artisans to the global market.

首届集合, Chanzo收集, 试图通过非洲遗产的镜头来讲述一个开始的故事. Chanzo是一个经典的斯瓦希里语单词,意思是“开端”,在某些语境中,意思是“来源”.” In our research we noted the powerful recurrence of soil as a symbol of origins – a “mother element” or “feminine source” respected and revered across many cultures. 土壤代表着BG真人游戏的前辈, 谁铺路,谁铺路, 这样做, 保护BG真人游戏的开始. 与土壤有关的是陶瓷, 在过去,在重要的关系开始时,哪些是天赋. 陶瓷也代表着富足和在人生旅途中保存珍贵物品的安全场所. 这些概念成为BG真人游戏第一个产品的灵感来源, Chanzo袋, which drew its design inspiration from traditional African ceremonial pots: their curvilinear forms and their embellishments, 从花卉蚀刻到对称线条. BG真人游戏设想整个系列都是黑白的, 以代表SIWWAA在新旧交汇处的地位.

n 2018年7月, BG真人游戏推出了SIWWAA和Chanzo包, 获得了美国《BG真人游戏》等媒体的赞誉, 谁说BG真人游戏是"非洲最保守的秘密.“BG真人游戏准备在2020年推出全款禅藏系列, BG真人游戏回顾BG真人游戏的许多经验和成就. 首先, BG真人游戏可以庆祝100%由肯尼亚资助, 尽管非洲的创意和文化企业面临着巨大的融资障碍. 在过去的三年里, BG真人游戏与一流的合作伙伴建立了SIWWAA足迹, BG真人游戏的冲击臂跟踪BG真人游戏工作的影响. Our goal of 100% supply-chain transparency is already well underway; we’ve partnered with the Keough School of Global Affairs at Notre Dame University to build the tools for implementing this mission.

除了回答BG真人游戏非洲可持续发展的重要问题, SIWWAA has prioritized creativity as a powerful storytelling tool in order to build bridges between cultures and enrich people’s lives with beauty. BG真人游戏正在投资于非洲艺术和文化社区的领军人物, consciously and jointly capitalizing on their talent in acknowledgment of the custodial role they play and the fact that they inspire and nourish us as a brand. In 2017, BG真人游戏推出了SIWWAA私人艺术收藏, 由非洲艺术家委托制作的艺术品组成, BG真人游戏将他们与全球艺术市场联系起来. 在构建BG真人游戏的产品叙述时, BG真人游戏与非洲故事讲述者合作,使用各种媒体从全新的角度讲述非洲故事.

通过创造符合全球标准的高价值文化产品, BG真人游戏挑战了对非洲创意产业和非洲文化产品价值的普遍看法. Our investment in the skills transfer necessary to achieve the high degree of technical specialization involved in crafting our products will, 随着时间的推移, 增加合作伙伴积累的经济效益,发展知识交流的新生态系统. BG真人游戏的创新设计语言促进了全球设计对话的多样性, showing the countless creative possibilities that Africa can inspire; this allows SIWWAA to act as a cultural diplomat, 讲述了非洲创新的进步故事. 正如尼日利亚小说家奇努阿·阿奇贝所说, 直到狮子有了自己的历史学家, 狩猎的历史将永远颂扬猎人.“是时候让狮子说话了.

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